Lunch Special $10.00

(10:30am - 3:00pm Mon-Sat) $10.00 **All Served with Rice or Hommous and a House Salad or Soup**
>Shish Tawook
>Shish Kafta
>Meat Shawrama
>Shish Kabob
>Chicken Kafta
>Chicken Shawarma
>Grape Leaves (4pcs)
>Vegetarian Grape Leaves (4pcs)
>Falafil Plate (4pcs)

Kid’s Menu $6.00

**Served with Fries**
Chicken Breast Burger
Kids Chicken Strips (3pcs)
Kids Chicken Nuggets (5pcs)
Cheese Sticks (5pcs)


Beirut Tray for 2…..$38.00
1 Shish Kabob, 1 Shish Tawook, 2 Shish Kafta, Meat and Chicken Shawarma, 2 Meat Pies, 2 Falafel, Hommus, Salad, and Rice

Beirut Feast for 4…..$75.00
2 Shish Kabob, 2 Shish Tawook, 4 Shish Kafta, 4 Lamb Chops, Deboned Chicken, Hommus, Baba Ghanouj, Fattoush and Rice

Beirut Delight…..$135.00
4 Shish Kabob, 4 Shish Tawook, 8 Shish Kafta, 6 Lamb Chops, Deboned Chicken,  Sauteed Vegetables, Hommus, Baba Ghanouj, Fattoush and Rice

Vegetarian Tray…..$24.00
Tabbouli, Hommus, Baba Ghanouj, 2 Falafel, 2 Grape Leaves, 2 Spinach Pies, Salad and Rice

Meat Tray…$26.00
2 Meat Pies, 2 Fried Kibbe, 2 Grape Leaves, Meat and Chicken Shawarma, Salad and Rice